Although we work with diverse sizes of projects, we thought that it would be beneficial to show you an approximate price of a couple of my most requested jobs. 
We do have to consider the travelling distance, the complexity of the work [hazards etc] and the time required to safely dismantle, remove and dispose of properly but if local then the below examples would be reasonably accurate. 

Garage Roof with Asbestos 

For a local individual, based in Crewe, who required a garage roof, that contained Asbestos, removed and properly disposed of, we were able to carry out all the work for a charge from £450. 
This included surveying the roof material to confirm the presence of Asbestos, taking down the actual corrugated sheets. Safely wrapping them in protective plastic sheets, removing all waste from the site and disposing of the Asbestos to a specialised Asbestos waste transfer site. 

Complete Garage with Asbestos: 

When a full garage is to be removed, this can obviously increase the price. The example below is from a person in Northwich, all carried out from £750. Pick ups from £125. 
As well as carrying out all the work as mentioned above for the roof, we also removed the sides of the garage and cleared the site so that it was a level surface for the customer. All waste, not just the Asbestos contaminated waste, was removed from the site and decontamination liquids were sprayed over the remaining area. 
We try and price all work sensibility, but we must always ensure that short cuts are not taken when dealing with dangerous products and we need to ensure that the waste is properly disposed of which is an expensive element of the process. 
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